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Days Saved: 118   Dollars Saved: $1,069,000

Scope Notes: The building (240,000 CF) suffered an electrical fire two years ago. The restoration contractor could not fully resolve residual fire smoke odor concerns, especially in the attic spaces and ceiling insulation. Smoke odor was moderate in the insulation but quite high in the attic.

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BioSweep Solution

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Estimated Dollars Saved


  Deodorization Notes: The traditional solution would be for a restoration company to chemically wipe down all structural services and / or fog with ozone machines to eliminate odors after they tear out affected surfaces. Any surfaces not torn out would normally be encapsulated. Their processes are not guaranteed and off-gassing down the road would be a distinct possibility. Our BioSweep treatment of vaporized hydrogen peroxide gas mix treated the entire structure of the building, including the attic, insulated ceilings and HVAC, killing all odor at the molecular level, thus eliminating the possibility of future off-gassing. Cleaning Notes: No cleaning was proposed by the restoration contractor, nor was required by us. Tear Out & Build Back Notes: Insured was evaluating the traditional solution proposal from an international restoration company to tear out and replace all existing walls, ceilings and insulation that would have required 4-month relocation of existing tenant. The insured chose the BioSweep solution whereby treatment only took 2 days and was performed over the weekend while the tenants were normally off. Up Code Notes: No up coding of the property was required. Contents Recovery Notes: No contents recovery was required. Business Interruption Notes: Using the traditional solution whereby the restoration company tears out and builds back, a new location would need to be found for the insured’s tenants during the approximate 4 months it would take to complete the restoration. Under the BioSweep solution, none of that was necessary as the treatment only took 2 days and was performed over the weekend while the tenants were off.