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Days Saved: 92 Dollars Saved: $527,680

Scope Notes: A six-story, sixty-unit HOA condominium building suffered extensive fire-smoke odor damage to all units and common areas. The smoke odor was moderate to heavy throughout the structure.  The hallways, outside stairwells, elevator and elevator shaft were highly odiferous. There was significant surface damage to the exterior of the building.

Traditional Solution

BioSweep Solution

6-Story Condo Complex








Cleaning  95  $105,680
Tear Out / Build Back
Up Code Property
Contents Recovery  60  $300,000
Business Interruption 60


Show & Tell: The Numbers
Estimated Days Saved


Estimated Dollars Saved


  Deodorization Notes: Our BioSweep treatment of vaporized hydrogen peroxide gas mix treated the entire structure of the building, from individual units to the common areas and HVAC system, killing all odor at the molecular level, thus eliminating the possibility of future off-gassing. Cleaning Notes: The traditional solution proposed by a national restoration company was a combination of chemical wipe down, HEPA vacuuming and thermal fogging. They quoted $1,428 to clean one unit, for a total of $85,680. Time to clean each unit was estimated from 24 and 36 hours. Treatment of the hallways, stairwells, elevator and elevator shaft would have required extensive cleaning and encapsulation. They quoted approximately $20,000 to clean the common areas. Time to clean common areas estimated at 5 days. Tear Out & Build Back Notes: No tear out / build back was proposed. Up Code Notes: No up coding was required. Contents Recovery Notes: Owners of each condo unit were responsible for insuring their own contents. An unintended benefit for them and their insurance carriers was that our BioSweep system treated their contents while we treated the structure, thus saving them between $100,000 and $300,000. Because of our treatment, no single condo owner required any additional third-party treatment of their contents. Business Interruption Notes: Most of the units in the complex were purchased as investment properties to be leased out to tourists, though some were owner occupied. As such, the investor-owners would be entitled to business interruption, if they had it as a rider to their policies. Owner occupied units would be entitled to additional living expenses, if they had it as a rider to their policies. This is another example where our BioSweep provided the owners and their insurance carriers with an unintended benefit from our services. All sixty units were available for occupancy / renting upon completion of our services (3 days).