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Our National Response Team offers technical expertise and large loss project management resources to provide unique deodorization solutions to insurers, brokers, adjusters, and consultants for claims throughout North America.

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BIOSWEEP is a newer technology that is proprietary to our Restoration Services. It completely disrupts the insurance industry’s approach to fire loss treatment protocols, saving sizable days and dollars on claims.

Recent Claims

Residential Home

Days Saved: 14

Dollars Saved: $35,000

Scope Notes:
Small residential fire that had been restored two years ago. Owner still complaining of residual smoke odor in hall bath, living room,  HVAC and crawl space.  Restoration contractor could not offer any further solutions.

Electronics Repair Center

Days Saved: 118

Dollars Saved: $1,069,000

Scope Notes:
The building (240,000 CF) suffered an electrical fire two years ago. The restoration contractor could not fully resolve residual fire smoke odor concerns, especially in the attic spaces and ceiling insulation. Smoke odor was moderate in the insulation but quite high in the attic.

Historical Estate

Days Saved: 365

Dollars Saved: $2,866,000

Scope Notes: Large historical, residential estate experienced extensive fire smoke and soot damage throughout entire three-story structure. Though recently remodeled, a significant portion of the home was original lath and plaster, wood flooring/staircases, leaded windows, light fixtures and antique hardware.
Residence included exquisite furniture, fine antiques and art work including rare alabaster, porcelain and glass ornaments.

Strip Shopping Center

Days Saved: 40

Dollars Saved: $452,600

Scope Notes: The fire started around 10 p.m. in an insurance company office on the lower level of a 2-story strip shopping center.  Source area of the fire was approximately 4,000 square feet.  Smoke spread quickly throughout the 106,000 square foot structure. The shopping center was built in the 1970's before city fire codes were adopted that required fire alarms and sprinklers in commercial buildings. Fire investigators believe the fire started from a faulty electrical panel.


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