FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can the BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT system be operated with people or pets in the room?

A: No. BIOSWEEP can ONLY be safely operated in vacant or unoccupied spaces. BIOSWEEP CANNOT be operated when humans or pets are present. Operators must wear NIOSH-approved half- or full-face piece respirators with NIOSH approved P100/Organic Vapor/Acid Gas cartridges when working around or exposed to the BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT process.

Q: Is BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT an ozone generator?

A: No, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT is not considered an ozone generator. The units produce purified oxygen and hydrogen peroxide within the treatment chamber. These oxyradicals are exported from the air filtration units to attack contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces. These units are at least TEN TIMES more powerful than most commercial ozone generators.

Q: Can it take more than one treatment to resolve an issue?

A: One BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT will typically remove all odors caused by organic materials. In the unlikely event that odors do linger, BIOSWEEP Service Providers will typically perform a second treatment at no extra charge. Our 100% guarantee assures our customers that the BIOSWEEP system will be successful in resolving their issue.

Q: How do we know if it’s safe to re-enter?

A: BIOSWEEP Service Providers use sophisticated and highly-sensitive vapor monitoring equipment and procedures to ensure that no one re-enters treated areas until it is absolutely safe to do so.

Q: My clothes and furniture smell after a smoke fire in my home. Can BIOSWEEP remove these smells from my clothes and furniture?

A: Yes, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT is perfect for contents restoration after a fire disaster. If clothes or cloth furniture have lingering odors due to smoke, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT can remove them usually in one (1) treatment. Smoke odor removal is a specialty of BIOSWEEP Service Providers.